[2015] ella chargers (RM23Chargers): Floods

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Weather and Climate

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[2015] ella chargers (RM23Chargers): Floods

Floods fast changs on Earth

SAFTY TIPSSome safty tips for floods are live on high grounds. Other safty tips for floods are looking at the tied like if the ocean is high or low tied and wether hazerds like looking at the news. Last, getting on a rughfe.

EFFECTSThe effects of floods are damiging homes, cars, and bildings. Also, floods can effects the land by killing the animals and puttind cemicols like bleach and windexk. Then,it can wash away trees. Other effects are deth, dezeses, and loss of electeristy.

CAUSESFloods cause land slides, mud slides, even sudden storms. In the desert the sudden stormes can make a big flood in that area.

What are floods?Floods are when rain over flows the land. The ground can only hold up an amount of water but once the ground can't hold anymore water it overflows then its a flood.

Major flood


car stuck in flood

The city is stuck in a flood


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