[2015] Bryana Baker: Flood Disasters

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[2015] Bryana Baker: Flood Disasters

Huang He RiverThe Huang He River [also known as the yellow river] has flooded many times, causing major damage each time.




Hunter Valley FloodIn February, 1955, heavy rainfall hit Hunter Valley causing flooding. 25 people were killed and 7000 houses and building were ruined.

Clermont and Peak Downs FloodOn 27th December, 1916, a cyclone in the Whitsunday Passage caused heavy rainfall and flooding.The water broke Mackenzie, Comet, Nogoa and Barcoo Rivers banks. Between 5am and 8am on 28 December, 21 inches of rain fell on Clermont causing the flood waters to rise nearly 9 feet in half an hour!

61 people had died during the Clermont and Peak Downs flood.

1887,1931 and 1938 are the three years when the Huang He River has had its most devastating floods.

Flooding Most floods are caused by heavy rainfall or dam failure.

Some floods are caused from huge storms associated with a tropical cyclone


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