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Social Studies

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The people of Flogville value the whole idea of the game of golf. In particular, a talented golfer is the most valued and integrity is highly regarded as it makes the game fun.

In Flogville, there is a mix bewteen democracy and dictatorship. All politicians in the Senate and the House and etc. are elected fairly by all the poeple. This part of Flogville makes it a democracy. However, the president is not elected. He/She automatically comes to power on New Years every year by being the best golfer of the previous year. There is no set time for how long a president can be in office, whether it be a year or 20 years. The governemnt does well at maintaining order, and provides the basic needs such as food, golf clothes, shelter, golf clubs, and tee times.



English is the first language of Flogville. It is important for the people to have a common language in order for learning to take place. To teach younger generations the game of golf, a universal language is needed. In addition to traditional Enlgish, Flogville has more words. To express thoughts and feelings, words such as"flog" are used to express anger or sadness. When foreboding bad things to come, one might yell "fore" along with wild, symbolic, arm movements alarming others to watch out.


Social organization.


Economic System

There are three main classes of people within Flogville: below par, par, and above par. As seen in the photo above, the above par golfers (the lower class) commonly wear green. The par golfers, or the middle class, often wear blue, and the below par golfers (the upper class) wear black. Equality is important in Flogville however the social organization is important. It creates order and make rounds of golf flow more smoothly.

Flogville has a market economy. Many people own golf related stores around town. This economy tells people how to use limited resources such as food, golf balls, tees, and clubs. The government stays uninvolved as the people buy and sell goods. However, the government stands ready to intervene if problems are to arise in the economy and therefore, golfers would be less successful.

The people of Flogville are not the most scientifically talented. Therefore, they practice polytheism and pray to the same gods as the ancient Greeks. When disasters occur, the people of Flogville need an explanation. Things such as lightning during a round or mulitple lost golf balls are unexplainable and require a belief in the Gods. Their religious views reflect their culture and put some explanation in golf tragedy.

Customs and Traditions

Arts and Literature

Many poeple choose a career path in art and literature in Flogville if they're not one of the better golfers around. Many of the pieces of art share a rich history of the creation of Flogville's culture. Most paintings contain images of the greatest golfers to ever live. Much of the literature in Flogville has to do with the values of the culture. They teach people the value of integrity and technique to be the best.

Customs and traditions are extemely important in Flogville. They allow for good times, patriotism, maintaining the culture, and providing norms for the poeple. National golfing holidays on June and December 23rd allow joy and pride for the culture. Norms in this culture include things such as weearing golf clothes regularly, and playing golf at least 3 times a week. Mores include not wearing the proper attire and cheating.

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