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Floella Benjamin

Floella Benjamin

Early LifeFloella was born on September 23, 1949 on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, in a small town called Pointe-a-Pierre. She lived in the Caribbean islands till her family moved to Great Britian when she was 10.

Some Awards:--Feb. 19, 2014: the Annual British Cinematograph sound and Televison Society award -- on Oct. 20, 2012: she was awarded the J.M. Barrie Award-- She was awarded OBE for services to broadcasting in 2007

Legacy-achieved great success by being a writer-with politics and standing up for humans rights

Philosophy:-- Consideration: not to be judgemental--Contentment: have a happy and contented heart--Confidence: have a high self a steam--Courage: stand up for the truth

Random Facts:- 1st woman to appear on televison fully pregnant-She wrote over 25 books - Her name has 2 meanings: 'Flo'-flower and 'Ella'-best of all - She is married to Keith Taylor -She has a son(Aston Taylor) and Daughter(Alvina Taylor)

Books She Wrote: - Coming To England - Sea of Tears - Skip Across the Ocean- My Two Grandads' - My Two Grannies


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