Float Into the Secrets of DNA

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Float Into the Secrets of DNA

Two strands of nucleotides connected and twisted in a spiral form make a DNA double helix. Nucleotides consist of sugar deoxiribose, phosphate groups and a base pair (A&T or C&G).

In transcription, RNA forms base pairs iwth DNA. C pairs with G and Apairs with U,creating mRNA.

DNA is a molcule encoded with instructions for building parts of a cell. DNA is stored in chromosomes.

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1. What is DNA?

4. Transcription & Translation

Answer: All living things

3. What are genes?

Genes are made of DNA! Genes are the instructions for building proteins our body needs.

In translation, the mRNA is read in a ribosome and used to assemble proteins with a sequence of amino acids.

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2. What contains DNA?

Float Into the Secrets of DNA

Most human cells have 46 chromosomes each (23 is one set). In cell division, the mother cell must copy its chromosomes first so its daughter cells will each have two complete sets.

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Chromosomes are storage units for DNA. The DNA must replicate itself so both sides of the cell will have identical DNA when they split.How does DNA replicate?

6. Cell Division with DNA

5.The Structure of DNA

Answer: The double helix splits in half. DNA polymerase assists the half strands by adding and connecting new nucleotides to each one. This is how one DNA strand is replicated!

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How does DNA replicate?



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