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Flint is a hard, tough sedimentary rock that has sharp edges, which make it easy to cut through things. Flint is actually a mineral called chert, which comes in a range of colours. It is the darkest kind of chert, meaning it is a black or dark grey. Flint is composed of quartz or chalcedony. It is usually rather pure, with few minerals involved. Flint is found all around the world, usually as pebbles or cobbles along streams, rivers, beaches and lakes.Flint is highly resistant to weathering. Flint is formed when rocks about 1-5 metres within sediment, get filled with silica and other organisms that have died, then a chemical reaction occurs and flint is formed.

GeneralFlint has many properties that make it useful. Such as: -It is used to ignite fire and gunpowder when struck against steel, -was used as a building material and for prehistoric tools by creating sparks for a fire when it is struck against iron or steel. WeaponsFlint is easy to shape and it will hold a sharp edge longer, therefore, most of the tools, such arrow heads and axes that were produced in the Stone Age were made out of flint. -It splits into thin, sharp splinters called flakes or blades, when struck by another hard object. This process is referred to as knapping. Building-Flint was used in the construction of many churches, houses, and other buildings, for example the large stronghold of Framlingham Castle. -It is common to see walls, homes and larger buildings that are built partially or entirely with flint in southern England and many parts of Europe. -Flint was mixed with lime mortar and usually combined with other stone or brick rubble. Using this mixture was common in Southern England, where there wasn't very good building materials. Jewellry-Flint is highly durable, meaning it can be used for beads, brooches and baroque shapes for gemstones when polished.

What is it?


Flint, on the Mohs Hardness scale, is at 7. This is because Flint is a form of quartz, and quartz is at 7 on the scale.

This is a stoneage man, knapping flint. These would turn into arrowheads, spear tips and knives.

This is a video about how to start a fire with a flint stone and a peice of steel.

A peice of Flint




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