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Flight Controller

EducationA few of the places I might go to get my degrees is the American Public University, A&M University, or Devry University. I would more than likely get a masters in aerospace science with a couple minors in engineering and mathematics. On The JobAs a flight controller, you are responsible for the mission, and the astronaut's lives you are in charge of. You monitor the mission from Mission Control Room and make sure nothing bad happens. If it does, you are in charge of finding a solution.

Apollo 13's Flight Controller

What You Need!


1) You must have and engineering or other technical degree.2) You also have to work your way up through the Missions Operations Organization. You will also be trained there. 3) While at the Missions Operations Organization, people will be observing you to make sure you have what it takes to become a Flight Controller.

Career SummaryFlight Controller


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