Flight and Friendship

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Flight and Friendship

Flight and Friendship: The Theme of Flight and Airplanes in Code Name Verity

The Lysander

How Flight Connects to Their Friendship

Maddie and Julie Maddie and Julie, while coming from very different walks of life, are an unlikely pair of best friends. Julie is a British spy, and Maddie is the pilot who was transporting her to her spy mission in France. However, when their plane crashed, Julie (code name: Verity) was captured by the Nazis and forced to comment on the British war effort. She does not give in easily, but rather writes journal entries to her friend whenever she can find paper. This way, she keeps the friendship alive, even though she knows Maddie may never see her letters.

Important Characters:*Julie (Verity)*Maddie(Kittyhawk)*Von Linden *Engel

WWII Female Spy History* Female British spies were part of the SOE, or Special Operations Executive.*Women as war spies were a much more common occurrence than most people think.*Most took their secrets to the grave, and were known only to their contacts

The Puss Moth

Flight serves as a metaphor for Maddie and Julie's friendship because even though an airplane can crash or be shot down, nothing can stop the winds that would carry that airplane from blowing. This is much like how their friendship cannot be broken by unfortunate circumstances.


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