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What does intellectual property mean?Intellectual property is what people call an original piece of work or invention.For example if you invented something new whatever you invented is your intellectual property.

What does copyright mean?A copyright law is a way to make sure that something you create is protected. For example if you write a story it belongs to you and no one can take your story and say that they wrote it.

Who uses a copyright?The person who created your favourite TV show uses a copyright. Photographers that take pictures for magazines use a copyright.When an artist paints a picture they use a copyrightMusicians use a copyright.

Plagiarism: What does plagiarism mean?Plagiarism is when someone takes someone elses work and tells other people that it is theirs. For example if you had to write a story for homework and you went home and looked up a story on the computer and handed in that story to your teacher with your name on it and said you wrote it. That would mean that you plagiarized that story.

Hmm....what if I take someone elses work and tell my friends it's mine...

How long does a copyright last for? A copyright last for as long as the author or creator is alive plus 50 years after they pass away.For example if someone is 20 years old when they make a movie and they live for 60 years, the copyright is good for 40 years plus another 50 years. So the copyright is good for 90 years!

How do I prevent plagiarism?To prevent plagiarism you cite. Citation is a set of rules we follow to let others know that we know that a poem or story to someone elses intellectual property.



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