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3. Pilates are another good exercise. Rolling like a ball is when you rock back and forth on your back. What you need is a mat and if your back hurts when you do it, then you will need to fold the mat in half so your back has a stronger support. This helps with control and balance.

Definition of flexibility: The ability of an individual to bend easily without breaking, or the ability of an individual to move his or her joints through a full range of motions. Flexibility helps individuals to stretch without straining themselves.


5. The standing quad stretch is another great flexibility exercise. To do this stand supported by holding onto a wall or chair. Pull the foot behind to the buttocks. Try to keep knees close together. Only equipment needed is wall or chair.

1. You could do some stretches like touching your toes and you can stand or sit while doing this stretch. To do this stretch reach out your arms and try to touch your toes as far as you can. You do not need any equipment besides you feet and arms.

2. Yoga is a very good exercise for flexibility for example, putting your foot on your head. To do this exercise you will need a mat. First you sit on the mat and put your foot up and hold it with your hands. Then you lean back as far as you can and try and put your head of your foot.

4. Going into the right, left and middle splits are good exercises. First you will need to stretch and then when you are warmed up, you can lower youself down in the splits but don't push yourself down or you will hurt yourself. You won't need any equipment except for your legs and comfortable clothes.


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