Flex Credit: Tennis

by mtimmers
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Flex Credit: Tennis

TENNISMaddie Timmers

The Importance and Benefits of a Super Great Sport!

"Tennis is the best sport ever!" -everyone

It may not look like it, but tennis is a very demanding game, both mentally and physically, that comes with a number of health benefits!

Benefit #1:Tennis is a sport that requires the cooperation of the whole body, so playing tennis regularly helps to improve the body's ability to synchronize these various controlled movements

Benefit #2: Tennis boosts your brain power!Tennis requires the brain to be creative, and it involves planning, tactical thinking, agility and the coordination of different parts of the body

Benefit #3: Tennis is a whole-body sport, and you can burn a lot of calories because you're constantly on the move.

Tennis is important because....- It's a lifelong sport- You can play tennis year round- Increases cardiovascular fitness- Both an individual and team sport- Tennis is mentally challenging- TENNIS IS FUN!!!!

Why is it so fun?

You get to meet new people and be a part of a team

Tennis players wear cute clothes and get lots of boyfriends/girlfriends :))



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