Flesh Eating Disease

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Flesh Eating Disease

The scary part of having necrotizing fasciitis you usually think it is just a bruise and the flu or something there are diseases with the same symptoms but unlike the flu you could be dead within hours and all it takes is a weak immune system and a injury.I hate the fear of contracting the infection because it is so hard to tellif its the infection you could lose a limb or your lifebut it is possible to keep your limbs and your lifesure a hard bet but it could be your best bet.

Necrotizing Fasciitis

The bacteria does not actually eat the tissue that makes up the skin would that would make it more painful to endure but instead releases toxins that destroys the tissue.

Flesh Eating Disease

Flesh Eating DiseaseSurvivor

The Bacteria

The Start of Necrotizing Fasciitis


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