Flashy Surprise

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Flashy Surprise

Flashy Surprise

I guess being 22 influences you to be mean, leading you to create some bad blood. America's sweetheart is just beginning to make her fans happier by bringing suprise guests on stage. Taylor Swift has had 50 surprise guests beside her on stage so far during her 1989 tour. Some of these guests include: Selena Gomez, Lisa Kudrow, Kanye West, etc. Taylor is doing a good thing by bringing celebrities up with her. Not only do her fans get to see her, but they get double for the price of one.

Surprises and Smelly Cats?

A Superhero or an Alien? Barry Allen is a 24 year old with the ability of superspeed, living in Starling City. There are some superhero shows that have either a slow or boring beginning and don't talk about the superhero himself much. There are other shows that focus too much on the superhero and don't focus on the victims or friends as much. The Flash is not only a show based on Barry Allen, but as well his friends and family and how they got to where they are now, explaining their pasts and presents with detail and interest.

The Flash:Yeah or Bleh

What doesn't kill makes you stronger. Unbroken, a movie about a rebel who ran for an escape. An Olympic Medalist turned into a soldier during WWII. Angelina Jolie does a good job of portraying the characters, good and bad. The movie is never as good as the book, but this was a close one. Louis Zamperini, a strong willed soldier, wouldnt let anything stop him. Unbroken portrays this well.Through beatings, labor, and horrible health, Louis Zamperini shares his struggles to survive. A well told story, and a greatly made movie.

My Life in a Flash

Rottentomatoes: 97%Metacritic: 73%IMDb: 8.3/10

Scarred, but Not Broken.


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