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Why were flappers an important figure?Flappers were an important figure of the 1920s,helped define the new modern women of the 20th century. They were women who wore short dresses, bobbed their hair and listened to jazz.

1920's fashion


What are some characteristics of flappers?The image of an flapper was a carefree independent young women who wore short dresses, bobbed their hair, and wore obvious makeup.By nigh they were at jazz clubs dancing provocativly,smoking,drinking and dating freely. They were very active women.

What does flapper mean?The term flapper was used to describe modern young women who broke traditional rules of both apperence and behavior. Flappers displayed a carefree disregarded authority and morality.They smoked and drank heavily and embraced dancing to jazz.

Tenzin Chokyi

"Lovely, expensive, and about nineteen"-F. Scott Fitzgerald


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