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The flappers were significant to the 1920s because they changed how women dressed and acted. One example of this change is the fashion flappers. They has a boyish style ,wear short skirts, makeup, cut their hair darnk , smoke , flapper were thier hair short with curls on thier cheeks relaxed attiude toward sexual relations- brought home by soldiers and nucres from france.American changing attitudes toward cultural norms . It change the role becaues it showed how women dersled and what happen ffrom the 1920 to know if showed them that the like to smoke drink and dress any kind of way . flappers change the 1920 becuaes it showed that they can dress anyway they want to and do what ever thet want to it mafe them feel sexy and feel good about there selfs and give the power tro vote because they could vote in the 1920.

By:Sierra Jordan

Flappers 1920s

Who Were Flappers?flapper were girl who like to dress in a boyish way and wear make up and drink and smoke and talk about sex .

How did women behavior change?.There attiude toward sexual relations - brought home by soldiers and nurces from france. flappers themself look on older generation as old fashioned. expreience gained sex were value over virtue kissing petting and premartal sex were revealed as more common place than had been previously imagined at least.

What were the political and economic events in the 1920s?Political the 19th amendment was a law that was able to be passed . that law made the women of the 1920s able to vote . Women suffrage unified and energized wome while marking a gradual shift in attitude that women were too pure and unitelligent for political. Economically, birth control methods and education were legalized .



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