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New forms of dance came along to the most

The flappers had an image that was nothing like a woman ever had before. They basically chose to act the way they wanted (as shown in the video).

The Flappers

Smoking was very popular

among the flappers.

The top right picture shows a popular way flapper girls would dress. The bottom left shows the make-up styles most flappers would show off.

common going against

Drinking was also

the prohibition act.

popular music - jazz.


  • KSessler12 8 years ago

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    This was very well laid out, very colourful and easy to read. Good job

  • KSessler17 8 years ago

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    Good info an pictures. Would be nice to know more about why the Flappers acted the way they did and maybe some info about individuals who led he movement

  • KSessler9 8 years ago

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    Great pictures and great info. Easy to read and well laid out.

  • KSessler3 8 years ago

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    Good job but it would be nice to see a comparison to regular women of the time

  • KSessler25 8 years ago

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    Love the background, its simple and goes great with the black and white pictures, only issue was the video was unable to view, great job!

  • KSessler20 8 years ago

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    Great job! I have never heard about Flappers till now, this page is also very well laid out and has great pictures and animations.

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