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It's not their mother's look anymore!

A New Breed of Woman A flapper dresses and acts differently than the averagehousewife of the 1920's - ... - ...


Did you know?The first "smoky eye" and cupid's bow lips were the flappers' look

Did you know?When the stock market crashed it took all the flappers with it? Why you ask, well the fashion was hard to keep up and having a plate to eat was better that partying

There's an upside?Flappers were not as immoral as they seemed They were smart. They enjoyed being young They were responsible for changing the role of women forever. They showed women the power of living life to the fullest.

Did you know ?that is was common and acceptable for flappers to apply their make up at the table?

They're bad news!In the 20's being at a party and drinking was immoral. but if u were a flapper it like slut in are time. Mothers would not be to pleased to see a flapper on their son's arms.

Not really !


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