[2015] Moe Asheti (CHC2D-02): Flappers

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[2015] Moe Asheti (CHC2D-02): Flappers

Flappers have now changed the style and status of women today.


Flappers changed the image and status of women. Before Flappers, "Gibson Girl" was the style; they wore long, striaght skirts with very high collars. Then, flappers came into perspective. They were carefree and very fashionable. They then was brought this attitude and their freedom; clothes were trimmed and hairstyles were then changed. Makeup was now approved. Flappers have now changed the life of women.

Lasting Impact

Tell how this person has affected our world and lives still today



History of Flappers

Flappers were women who dressed and acted in a bold manner. The first main apperence of the word "Flapper" was in a 1920 American film .

Flappers struggled with reputations; they were seen as very unlady like. They didnt fit into the typical housewife role, which gave them poor reputation and caused them to be considered as rebellious. They were also not allowed in certian places because of the way they looked.


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