Flapper Girls

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Flapper Girls

Who are the flappers? - Women who just got the right to vote -Young girls in the middle-class - Held jobs and had husbands - Out-spoken and free- willed

Her big movie, It, was a hit in 1927 and inspired girls to copy her look. She was infamous for her relationships with big movie stars and scandals. She didn't follow soceitys rules and girls liked that.

The Flapper coined the name for the women. Olive Thomas, who played the lead, served as a role model for young girls across the U.S

When the Great Depression hit, the parting girls went away and so did their lifestyle. The outrageous freedoms stayed with the girls even to this day.

Headline at the start of the Great Depression

Short hair and fringed dresses

Clara Bow


Girls drank, smoked, wore short dresses and engaged in illegal activities.


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