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Today you will be going on a journey through the world of flamingos. Were you will learn many facts about where they live, thier predators, and many more. I HOPE YOU ENJOY!

HabbitatsFlamingos live in many parts of the world. But they are mainly found in Southern Eurasia, Africa, Madigascar, The Galapagos Islands, and the Carribean area. They spend their whole life near lakes, marshes, and seas. Somtimes flamingos can live in groups of thousands of birds.

The pink areas are were flamingos are mainly located

DietFlamingos filter feed in blue-green algea and brine shrimp. They get their pink feathers from the pigements in their food. Like when they eat shrimp, and shrimp is pink. When they are born they are white because they haven't started eating.

DangersFlamingos Don't have many predators, but crocodiles are a very dangerous threat. Flamingos can only defend themselves one way, by escaping. Once a flamingo flies away from the predator the flock of birds follow which makes them very hard to be captured. Flamingos also face danger with change of climate and scarcity of food.

BreedingFlamingos breed when the water is high enough to soften the shoreline mud and the food supplies are good. Flamingo dancing is the way they breed. First a large roup of flamingos join for the breeding display. Then they point their bills to the sky and the male tries to go higher and they move their head back and forth. To impress the female the male spreads and flashes their wings, exposing the black flight feathers. When paired the flamingos build a mud nest with a shallow hole on top. The egg is then incubated by both parents. Then, the life cycle begins again.

These are flamingos doing the flamingo dance.


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