Flaming Surfer Ninjas Tsunami Surge

by 6earthscience
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Flaming Surfer Ninjas Tsunami Surge

Tsunami Surge

By: Flaming Sufer Ninjas

The three websites we choose to represent our data is 1. earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.php 2. http://weather.cnn.com/3.http://ptwc.weather.gov/

We would have a couple stream view- -internet -Richter Scale from scienctists around the world-World weatherAnything that can keep our spot safe

Alot of Tsunamis happen in the Pacific ocean. Oddly enough Tsunamis rarely hit California the last big one to hit was in 1964 in Crescent City.

Fault Lines are a very key part to making Tsunamis. This is why California doesn't have many earthquakes. Even though there is a major fault line. It really only stikes on land. The biggest Tsnumi (Cresent City) in California killed 48 people.

Let this all be a reminder to always be prepared. Tsunamis are rare but might happen. Cresent City only had 3,000 people and was unprepared. Also remember a Tsunami would not really affect us.



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