[2014] dominick dutcher: Flame-thrower

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[2014] dominick dutcher: Flame-thrower


The Greek fire was first used around 671 A.D.The earliest date as far back to the 5th century B.C.

The first two models flamethrowers were used by the Germans called. In Germany they were called the Flammenwerfer and Grossflammenwerfer. The Flammenwerfer could only shoot up to about 50 feet, it was small, and could be handled by a single person while the Grossflommenwerfer was bigger, shot farther and could not be transported by a single person but could shoot twice as far as the Flammenwerfer.

The weapon was first created by Richard Fielder.

The picture above shows how close the battle was with the greek fire.

The flamethrower changed warfare forever... The flamethrower was a very deadly weapon because no one would want to be burnt. This weapon was reasponsible for a lot of dead bodies. There was not much that could be done to stop this powerful weapon. This changed the way of fighting in wars forever. Also making trenches and other baracades absolete.

The flamethower is still used to this day in war. In World War 2 all all regions of the world. Over time the flamethrower has been modified. It has been modified into tanks as well and the tanks could shoot this fire over a couple hundred yards and be way more effective and deadly


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