[2014] Nate Schmidt: Flags of Our Fathers

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[2014] Nate Schmidt: Flags of Our Fathers

Flags of Our Fathers

Book Review I thought this story was a great book. It tells of the unforgetable story of Iwo Jima. Once i started reading it, it just kept getting better and better and it got harder for me to stop reading it. This book has a lot of action and adventure. I highly suggest you read this book it is good for all ages. I give this book a 4 star rating.

SummaryIn 1945 the marines attake the Japanese protecting Iwo Jima.this story is about 6 brave young soldiers who raise there flag for there country on top of Iwo Jima. This story talks about each young flag raiser and how much courage it takes to be a marine.

About the Author James Bradley was Born in wisconsin. As a boy he liked to read a lot about American history. He would read about military events and books about the president. He also liked write stories. His father used to raise flags in the military, and when he died James Bradley wondered why he never talked about it. James Bradley did some research about it which led to his first book Flags of Our Fathers. Flags of Our Fathers was a bestseller and a movie.


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