Flagpole Sitting

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Flagpole Sitting

Flagpole Sitting In The 1920sBy Juan Carlos Ruiz

The purpose of flagpole sitting was for entertainment, money,competition and as a stunt in the 1920s

Who developed flagpole sitting and how did it become a fad?

Whats the purpose of flagpole sitting?

Why did flagpole sitting fade away?

Flagpole sitting was developed by a stuntman named Alvin Kelly and it became a fad because many people would find flagpole sitting competitions appealing. Flagpole sitting eventually became nationwide and got a lot of attention from the media.

Flagpole sitting mainly faded away because it was quite dangerous and because Americans didnt find it as appealing as it used to be. Americans started focusing on economic events such as the "Great Depression" which had a large impact in histoy.

In the 1920s a very popular fad was flagpole sitting. Perhaps, flagpole sitting was the most popular fad of its time. Flagpole sitting is climbing a pole and staying on top, it was usually competition. Alvin Kelly was a stuntman who climbed a flagpole and sat on it, who also started the fad. Then, flagpole sitting went mainstream across the nation. Many people had competitions on how long they could stay on the flagpole. The competitions were often for money, attention or just to beat the record. Finally, flagpole sitting received constant attention. The media and groups of people would often stay and watch flagpole sitting for amusement and entertainment. Flagpole sitting had a significance because it became a huge fad across the United States in the 1920s, was appealing for its time and competitions earned money to its winners.


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