Flagpole sitting By:AD

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Flagpole sitting By:AD

Flagpole sitting was significant to the 1920's because it represented a growth in popular fads.Flagpole sitting is where you have this little disc on the flagpole that you would sit on and stirrups so that you dont fall.At the top of the flagpole is a small disc thing and stirrups that you put your feet in so you dont fall. Heres another cool fact...A guy named Alvin kelly or Alvin"Shipwreck" Kelly he is a former boxer who i guess decided to sit on a flagpole with a disc and stirrups. He sat for 145 days on vaious flagpoles across the country. In one sitting he sat for 13hrs 13min. He likes to call himself "the luckiest fool alive". Thats kinda like planking for 13hrs 13min?My last piece of evidence...Flagpole sitting is like taking selfies today. They flagpole sat alot like we take selfies alot. Thats what was trending in the 1920's i guess. Flagpole sitting was their selfies, they did it because of peer pressure, everyone was doing it just like selfies now everybody does itbecause everyone around them does it. In conclusion flagpole sitting was what was happeing back in 1929!!!

1929:We Flagpole sat!!!

2014:Let me take a selfie

But First...Let me read the paper!!!

Sooo much fun!!!



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