Five-Year Plan

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Five-Year Plan

Stalin focused particular hostility on the wealthier peasants.The plan should allow the Soviet Union to catch up with and overtake the capitalist countries.It is also to provide for its citzens a well-being unknown elsewhere.

Joseph developed three different five-year plans.The two major policies stipulated in his First Five-Year Plans were extremely demanding and in the long run proved to be unattainable.Stalin's First Five-Year Plan, adopted by the party in 1928, called for rapid industrialization of the economy, with an emphasis on heavy industry.

What is a five-year plan? A five-year plan is a government plan for economic development over five years. What does this have to do with Communism?Stalin's chief aim was to expand Industrial production.Who is Joseph Stalin?Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union

Five-Year Plan

Some pioneers went into barren areas and set up new towns. Education schemes were introduced to train skilled literate workers. Stakhanovites were coal miners.Women were also given the opportunity to work. Women were able to become doctors, scientists, canal diggers, and steel workers.

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