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Five Regions of Georgia/MadisonZinn

The Costal Plain is a major water source for southern Georgia. This helps the economy thrive! The native plants here are very beautiful and tough. They have adapted to grow in the sandy soil, and require less water fertizler and care. There are huge alligators and snaping turtles. The Alligator snapping turtle can grow up to 300 lb! The rivers here are major drainage system; Chattahoochee, Flint, and more.

Piedmont's soil color will amaze you. It has its own distinctive red color. When iron in the granite and rocks mix with water, it makes the soil red; it produces Georgia red clay. Piedmont is a well suited place to grow cotton, soybeans, and other cropps. This helps the economy grow. Come and visit Fernbank Forest. It is one of the original forest remaining. It is located in Atlanta. You may see some of the animals living there. There are over twenty species of birds of prey living in the Piedmont reigion. If you are lucky, you can see the very large Bald Eagle, to the very small Eastern Screech-Owl! Come and see the most scenic river in Georgia Piedmont, the Flint River Basin. It is one of 40 rivers that reach over 200 miles without a dam. Afew of the many lakes to see are Lake Oconee, Lake Sinclair, and Lake Juilette.

Come and visit Brasstown Bald Georgia's highest point at 4,784 ft above sea level! This region has some of the oldest rocks in the state; rocks range from 400 million to over 1 billion years old! If you want to learn more about these ancient rocks come vist the observation building at the summit. When tourist come to the observation building it helps the economy grow and flourish. Georgia's Cove Forest have canopy trees that are Basswood, Sugar Maple, American Beech, and Buckeye. In the lower levels of the forest there are Umbrella, Bigleaf and Frasers magnolia. If you are lucky, you may see a white-tailed deer and the American black bear! Blue Ridge is a great place for jet skiers, boating, or whitewater rafters. Almost everywhere you look there is rivers and lakes. One of the majior lakes are Lake Blue Ridge. Toccoa River is a great place to rent an inner tube and float down the gentle currents!

Don't let the fact that not many people live here deter you from coming. It is just beautiful here with lots of water falls. In fact Georgia's highest waterfall is in the Ridge and Vally reigion. It is located in Amicalola State park. You may even find some ancient sea fossils, because this land was covered with water 400 million years ago! This is one of Georgia's biggest tourist attractions that you don't want to miss. With the many tourist, also comes added revenue. You may see some eastern hemlock and yellow birch. The mountain skullcap flourish here in the Ridge and Vally. Sorry, there are no major rivers here. The Etowah river headwater's are in Blue Ridge province, but it flows through the Ridge and Valley.

Relative LocationGeorgia is surrounded by five states; Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

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Appalachian Plateau

The Five Regions of Georgia

Blue Ridge

Costal Plains



Ridge and Vally

Absolute LoctionGeorgia's absolute location is 32.9605° N, 83.1132° W.

Come and see some of the worlds most beautiful and spectacular mountains! Mountains available are Lookout, Pigeon, and Sand Mountians. It is a fun and great way to enjoy the outdoors! The econonmy is growing tremendously, because of the tourist that come year round to see these beautiful mountains. You won't go wrong coming here if you are a tourist or a investor. The flora and fauna in this reigon are beautiful. Come and see the vibraint Azaleas and Mountain Laurel! There are also some amzing animals. You might just be lucky enough to see the deers, eagles, foxes, and so many more. Come swim, boat, and have fun at the state's biggest body of water; Lake Lanier, and second biggest Lake Heartwell. Both provides flood control, electrical power, and recreational facilities, so you can feel safe and sound.

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