Five Moons Of Jupiter

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Five Moons Of Jupiter

Moons of Jupiter

Jupiter is a rather- pardon me- fat planet. The biggest one in our solar system, it's no wonder Jupiter has attracted at least 63 moons!

Giant Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system, coming in with an equatorial distance of around 5,300 km!

Callisto is so shiny- right, back on track, Brill. 20 pounds is 2.52 pounds on Callisto.

Callisto is the most heavily cratered object in the solar system. It also has a 4 billion year old surface, making its surface the oldest in the solar system! You go, Glen Coco!

Europa may be the smallest moon of Jupiter, but it's still the sixth-largest moon in the solar system! An ocean is said to be underneath its surface.

Io is the second-smallest moon of Jupiter, but the fourth-largest in the solar system. Jupiter's gravitational pull on Io can cause its surface to bulge 100 m!

Here on Ganymede, 20 pounds are 2.89 lb.

They're an entire pound heavier on Europa: 2.67 pounds!

If we put our 20 1bbackpacks on Io, they would weigh 3.67 lb!






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