Five Geography Themes of Canada

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Five Geography Themes of Canada

Five Geography Themes of Canada




The absolute location of Canaday is 60 degrees N orth and 95 degrees West

Canada is North of the United States, West of the Atlantic Ocean, South of the Artic Ocean, and East of the Pacific Ocean


Human Characteristics

Physical Charateristics

Land Features - Forrests - Rivers - Mountains - Hot Springs

Climate - Summer - Winter - Spring - Fall

Bodies of Water - Gulf of St. Lawrence - Hudson Bay - Bering Sea - Beaufort Sea

Photo By: Frank Kovalcheck

Photo By: Shahnoor Habib Munmun

- Montreal Olympic Stadium - Skylon Tower - English - French - Christianity - Islam - Edmonton - Toronto

Photo By: Shawn Carpenter


Photo By: John Vettereli

Humans in Canada have built bridges to adapt to their environment.

Humans in Canada depend on their environment for power.


Humans in Canada are linked to other places in the world by planes, trains, automobiles, and boats


1. Innuition Mountains 2. Hudson Bay-Arctic Lowlands 3. Western Cordillera 4. Interior Plains 5. Canadian Shield 6. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence lowlands 7. Appalachian Mountains

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