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Health & Fitness

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Fit For Life

Fit For Life

Physicall Fitness

Being physically fit means that you and your body can handle regular activities in your day to day life through healthy eating and living, but it also has to do with different things, like if you are sick or not. The amount of stamina, flexibility, and strength, (or the three elements of physical fitness) comes into play in the process of being physically fit, each one has an important role. Running and hiking in my eyes are some of the best ways to practice stamina, because you have to not push yourself to much to cause strain, but just enough that it is challenging. Yoga is a great example of flexibility and can also be a good opportunity to clear your head. Last but not least strength, my example for this one is dance, dance requires a great deal of strength from the dancer’s head to toes and tests their balance when both flat and on point. Physical fitness is and should be an important part of all people’s day to day life.

Staying active can be hard with our busy schedules but getting outside for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week can do wonders for your health. Exercising does not have to be boring, doing activities with your friends and family is a great way to get outdoors, you can go for a run or even just play catch. A way to decide what activities you would like to do is to try things that interest you. If you enjoy something outdoors and fast paced you could try biking, but if you like something less hot and more relaxed you could go swimming. Activities like these are fun and can help keep your head and heart happy and healthy.

How to Stay Fit


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    This project was so fun!

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    I am going through the post in which you have very well explained about physical fitness which is something important these days and everything is well explained here which makes it easier for us to understand physical fitness and its importance