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Social Studies

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like several Roman sites (see, for example, Bignor Roman Villa), Fishbourne was discovered by accident. In 1960 a local farmer was digging a water main trench when he uncovered remains of Roman mosaics.

The Roman Amphitheatre at Chester is the largest yet excavated in Britain . It lies beside the Roman fort of Deva, and it served as an entertainment centre and training.

The amphitheatre was built around 86 AD, Beside the amphitheatre stands a shrine to Nemesis, Roman godess of vengeance.

This temple is not very well-known , but it is very interesting . It is dedicated to the god “Mithras” , a sun god who was very popular with the Romans soldiers.The temple is close to the Carrawburgh Roman Fort , along Hadrian’s Wall.

The first Roman presence at Fishbourne was a military fort established shortly after the invasion of 43 ad.One of the most famous of these 2nd century mosaics depicts Cupid on a Dolphin, bearing a trident.

Chester, Roman Amphitheatre

Carrawburgh, Temple of Mithras

The first phase of the temple started in 200A.D. and measured about 5.6 by 7.9 metres.The second phase happened in 222A.D. , adding an extension to the north



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