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Your Animal - Description

Characteristics of Fish

Other Interesting Facts


DescriptionThe clownfish live towards the bottom of the ocean where the anemone. They can can grow from 2 to 5 inches, but also males are significantly smaller. They weight up to 250 grams. The clownfish has some nice white stripes on its side. Their teeth are very small but pointy.

To start of fish have gills to breathe. They also have scales. They live in water so there gills help them get oxygen. They are cold blooded.

Habitat The clown fish prefers warm water so they live in the Indian ocean and the great coral reef.

Interesting Facts Did you know that clown fish comes in yellow and blue. The largest clown fish ever recorded is 18 cm long.

DietFirst of all the clowfish is a omnivore, but they mostly eat meat. They eat the leftovers from fish that get got in the anemone. They also like to feed of plants and algae that floats by. The other meat they eat is worms and small crustaceans.




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