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Many fish react to the color oftheir environment by alteringtheir own hues to match it.Some fish can change theircolors when startled, at rest, orto match their surroundings.Others can change stripes tospots for protection.

Fish are animals that live in water and breathe using gills. Water goes in through the mouth and out through the gills, which take oxygen from the water. Most fish swim by moving their tail (also called the caudal fin) left and right.There are many kinds of fish; some have bones but others, like sharks and rays have no bones, only cartilage.

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Not ALL fish have fins and scales. Sharks do not have scales like bony fish but instead have rough skin. Their skin is covered with tiny sharp teeth called dermal denticles. Some species of eels do not have fins.

There are many common names given to one species of fish.

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