Fish Breathing

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Fish Breathing

Fish Breathingby Sam Krassan

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Research Question: Will the living conditions affect the breathing rate of a fish?

Research Project Information:For my science fair topic, I chose to conduct an investigation to see if the living conditions affected the breathing rate of a fish. To see if there was a difference in breathing, we used a tank divider (like a wall or seperator for an aquarium) to ajust the tank size.

Breathing Rate Graph

Hypothesis:I think the size of the tank will affecthe breathing rate of a fish. Independent Variable: The space in which the Fish have to swim.Dependent Variable:The breathing rate of every fish per minute.

The Procedure: 1. We first set up the tank and put in the chemicals once evry day over a two day period. 2. Then we added the fish after about five days. 3. Next, we took the breathing rate per minute of evry fish and took notes on their behavior. We did this every time when we moved the tank divider and when the fish were in the full tank, so we had three trials. 4. Finally, we recorded all of our data and looked at our results to see if our hypothesis was supported, and after further investigation we came to the conclusion that our hypothesis was supported.

Conclusion: The hypothesis, I think that the size of the tank will affect the breathing rate of a fish, is accepted based on the results of this experiment. The hypothesis was supported since the results showed that there was an increse of the breathing rate throughout the trials. I have learned that the breathing rate is affect by the space in which the fish has to swim and to live. I would suggest to someone that everything you do with the experiment should be done carefully and precisely from setting up the fish tank, to recording and observing the fish's breathing since anything that gos wrong can alter your results. I would also recommend to make sure the fish are all mostly the same size( we had one that was smaller compared to the rest of the fish). My experiment is reliable because we took our time during the experiemnt to make sure everything was done correctly.

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This project requires a good thinker and inquirer because you want to have the drive to follow through with this experiment.

Credits:Science Teacher: Mrs. KopelsScience Fair Partner: Christopher CocoseAnd A Shout Out To All Of The Parents That Contributed To This Project!


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