[2015] Justin Mora (Animal Science Per 3): Fish And Game Wardens

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[2015] Justin Mora (Animal Science Per 3): Fish And Game Wardens

Fish and Game Wardens

According to the State of California, Employment Development Department, the median fish and game warden salary in the state was $72,342 in 2013, which comes to about $34.78 per hour. Fish and game wardens start out as cadets while undergoing a 12- to 14-week training course. During this time, they are paid a monthly wage of between $3,267 and $4,278, depending on their level of experience.

Fish and Game Warden Job Description: Major Job Duties

Not all game warden job descriptions will be the same, as job duties certainly vary according to the area patrolled. For example, game wardens working along coastal areas will undoubtedly have different duties than those posted in wooded areas. However, most jobs require these wildlife professionals to:-Enforce laws-Investigate violations-Apprehend violators and issues citations/fines-Conduct surveillance-Patrol assigned areas/regions-Coordinate and oversee educational programs for the public-Assist wildlife management efforts-Partner with other law enforcement agencies-Conduct search and rescue operations-Write incident reports and testify in court-Collect and catalogue evidnece-Investigate and collect data on wildlife and environmental changes

Wardens face many unique challenges as they enforce the laws relating to fish, wildlife, and habitat within the State and its offshore waters. In part these challenges come from:California - 159,000 square miles of area.A growing human population of 32 million.Habitat and wildlife diversity that is unequaled by any other state.More than 1,100 miles of coastline.30,000 miles of rivers and streams; 4,800 lakes and reservoirs; 80 major rivers.Three of the four North American Desert habitats; and scores of high mountain peaks.More than 1,000 native fish and wildlife species.More than 6,300 native plant species.Approximately 360 threatened or endangered species.Approximately three million licenses and permits issued by DFG each year.Over 300 million pounds of fish landed commercially in California each year.

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Training AcademyMany states require fish and game wardens to attend a training academy for 3 to 12 months. The training academy may include courses in fish, wildlife and natural resource management; physical training; first aid; water rescue; boat operations; defensive tactics; use of firearms; driver training; civil defense training; homeland security; law enforcement curriculum and tactics; and administrative policies and procedures.


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