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Should kids be allowed to eat in school?

Statistics show that having at least 4 snacks a day makes you healthier and smarter.If a kid has diabetes it could help them keep their sugars stabilized. From the center of science in the public interests reports that snacks are beneficial to children especially healthy food. The school doesn't have to let us eat junk but we are all about being healthy so why can’t we have good food.

Teachers are more demanding on the kids it is up to their test scores weather or not the can be a teacher. If they don’t eat then the don’t listen in class and they don’t take it in then they can’t remember on the test. If they are hungry at night after a game then they don’t sleep good so they fall asleep during class or in the morning and miss the bus. Kids have smaller stomachs and if they are in the middle of the test they might get hungrier faster.It is a distraction in class.

It is good for you.

Thisis statement

Kids deserve to eat and be healthier. Students should be able to eat in class because it is good for them, some people don’t get enough to eat at home, and they can get higher test scores. I think that we should be able to eat in the class So lets get started.

Some kids dont have time to eat at home

Kids will get high test scores

Some kids don’t have time in the morning to eat so they shove something down there throat and that is not good for their digestive or stomach. Schools don’t drop off kids from the bus till the bell rings so they can’t eat then either otherwise they are late to class. Some kids don’t have time between sports and extracurricular that they are skipping meals so they eat in between classes and are late to their next class. If they watch the clock to be able to know when they might get a nibble of food next class then the might flunk a class or two. -Michael m - Alissa Fleck, Demand Media - prezi -

It might be a little distracting but if you are eating as well then it isn’t. People don’t notice people eating if they are eating along with them. If you are eating a banana then it won’t be distracting because it is not crunchy. If someone wants to eat something maybe they can have something not crunchy or have it cut up. You might be annoying to so why be anoud when you eat in class to.

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