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Mrs. Michelle my 4th and 5th grade english teacher has had one of the biggest impacts on my life. Going through elementary school I was placed in classes for students that need extra help and Mrs. Michelle helped me along the way. I am dyslexic so english was not my strongest and she encouraged me the whole way. Having a teacher like her in my life makes me want to have an impact on another student the way she has impacted me.

Who inspired me?

WHO AM I?I am a motivated, trustworthy and a team player type of person. College has deffienatly shaped me to be the person I am today. Being involved on campus and a leader in my sorority has help me reach the person I want to be. I have learn to never give up when the times are tuff and to finish strong. I'v gain other's trust by being reliable and demonstated that I always want what's best for the team! With these characteristics I want to motivate my student to be the best they can be. I want to gain their trust that they know someone is on their side and never against them. I want to teach them to work together to achive something bigger than themselves. These characteristcs can lead a person a long way, and get you where you need to go in life.

My small groups helped me socialize and feel confident

Throught out elementary school I was a shy student and scared to talk in front of the class, but today I am a social butterfly and am able to stand infront of a large group of people and talk. My teacher would have us break off into smaller groups and most of the time we would work in these groups. So I got know the people in my group and they became my friends. Working with my friends made it easier to talk infront of the five others. Eventually this would lead to ten people and now I am speaking infront of larges groups of people and I am not scared to go up to people and talk to them.

I want to be the teacher that a student can count on. They know I will be there for them and support them. I want to inspire them to become who they want to be, and help them reach their full potental. When I teach my students I want to make my subjects relatable to them and something they want to learn about it. I want to give them a learning experance not just read out of a textbook.

What kind of teacher I want to be.

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