First year teacher success

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First year teacher success

Create a physically attractive and inviting classroom my using color and placing pictures on the walls.Greet students at the door and have them to introduce themselves to their classmates.Have students to complete an activity sheet about themselves and display them on the walls.

Classroom Management

Set goals for classroom management to help provide a structured learning environment.Create a safe and secure learning environment where students will feel emotionally and physically connected to their teacher as well as their peers.Put emphasis on respect and responsibility.Avoid CriticismCreate rules and procedures to help students develop a sense of responsibility for their actions.Allow students the opportunity to give suggestions on how to make the classroom a better place to learn.Treat students as individuals and involve everyone in learning activities to make students feel welcomed and included.Show respect for all by being attentive and courteous when interacting with the students and require them to do the same in return.Promote responsibility by discussing what it means and helping them to understand the consequences for their irresponsible behavior and show consistency.Go over daily routine by discussing my expectations.

1. Be RESPECTFUL when either the teacher or classmate is speaking by sitting quietly and listening.2. RAISE hands before speaking.3. Leave seats ONLY when given permission by TEACHER.4. Stand POLITELY in line at ALL times.5. Keep hands to yourself.

Maximize the time for learning by allocating instructional time, time for engaging, and time for leaning activities.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Time Management

First-Year Teacher Success



Creating a Productive Learning Environment



Set Rules andProcedures

Set Goals


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