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Environmental Studies

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Sorting Different Plants

Taking Care of Plants

To sustain a food forest you have to provide TLC and nurture the plants and food. When we went out to the food forest first we saw a shed with materials that helped us with the plants and how to plant them, and how to clean up the area. The food forest looked like it needed some work to it, taking out some weeds, and cleaning out the area. We feel as if the food forest will be great in the long run and provide food and beauty to HCC.

In the video we watched, we leanred how to sustain a food forest enviroment. Temperature is very important to growing plants. Too much sunlight and also very little sunlight can affect the plants while they are growing. Too much or too little water can also harm the plants and enviroment. Certain locations can also vbe a factor for planting. For example, north, south, east and west can be big contributors towards which plants can grow and which ones that will have a hard time growing with those conditions.

Food Forest

Roles of the food forest

Planting Plants

We feel like we are going to be connected to the service learning project because this class allows us to be apart of something awesome, to help the enviroment. We can be more commited to the food forest by joining the club, and when we take trips out to the food forest to help out and conncet with one another and help out clean up the food forest and plant beautiful things for the enviroment. You can help us out by announcing when clubs meet and when we go to the food forest.


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