First Nations And Treaty Rights Summative Assignment

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First Nations And Treaty Rights Summative Assignment

EuropeansThe government made the treaties for ways to legalize the ceding of indian lands to clear the way for european settlements, mining and railways. It was intended to get rid of all first nations claims and rights to their own land forever, except for the land the reserves are settled on. The government signed to agree that they will make a one time payment to the bands plus a specific annual sum.

The Europeans delt with the hunting and fishing rights and with the education and health care. The creation of the treaties was the first step towards assimilation. The Europeans expected the First nations to give up their culture and ceremonies and everything else to become their culture.

Interpretation of treaty promises.

Unit 1 First Nations and Treaty Rights summative assignment

First NationsThe First Nations believed the treaties were solemn pacts between their people. signing the treaties ensured that they would recieve some government to ensure the survival of their people. The First Nations agreed with the treaties because some treaty comissioner told them that they would be protected by the crown and with they had a special relationship.


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