First Grade Math

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Elementary School
Pre - Algebra

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First Grade Math

Addition is used with numbers. When using addition, you will look for words like, plus, more, add, increased by, sum, added to...

First Grade Math

Academic Content Standards: In my first grade class, my students will be able to do attition, subtraction, know how to do work problems, and know about number charts and missing number charts.By: Marisa Harvey

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Subtraction is used with numbers. You will look for words like decreased by, take away, subtract, fewer...

Word Problems

When you are doing a word problem, you will either add or subtract. Word problems is probaby the hardest thing we will do in the first grade.

Number Charts

Missing Number Charts

Number Charts are numbered from 1 to 100. These help students memorize their numbers.

Missing number charts are used as a way that students get practice with their numbers. I use these as my tests and quizzes on numbers.


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