First Grade Math Interactive Sites

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First Grade Math Interactive Sites

First Grade Math Sites

Mathematical Processes

Number & Operations

Geometry & Measurement


Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability

Time - Clock

Fractions - Cross the River

Guess The Number

Percent/Fraction Paint

Fraction Concentration

Money - Change It

Money - Tutorials

Money - Counting $

Money - Discovering Coin Values

Money - Let's Compare

Time - Bang On Time

Time - Stop the Clock

Time - Stop the Clock2

Time - Telling Time

Bar Charts

Create A Graph


Kids Have Pets Graph Lesson

Interactive Thermometer

Length - Centimeters

Length - Inches

Weight - Poddle Weigh In

Read a Thermometer

The Ruler Game

Teaching Measures

Patterns - Pattern Blocks

Ghost Blasters - Multiples of 10

Spatial Thinking

Color Patterns

Missing Addend - Busy Bees

Missing Parts - Build a Train Track

Missing Number - Miro on the Move

Rabbit Takeaway

Complete Numerical Sentence

Addition Machine

Give the Dog a Bone

Number Splat - Hundreds Chart

Math Magician

Base Ten

Addition Flashcards

Ghost Blasters - Sums

Hidden Picture Sums


That's a Fact

Compare Numbers to 100

Compare Numbers

Rabbit - More or Less

Odd or Even

Cardinal & Ordinal Number Match

Base Ten Addition

Base Ten - Shark Numbers

Finding Place Values

Subtraction Machine

Subtraction Harvest

Speed Grid Subtraction

Sum Sense Subtraction - Number Sentences



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