First Grade Geometry

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First Grade Geometry

Miss. Stahley

Academic Content Standards1. Distinguish between defining attributes vs. non-defining attributes of shapes.2. Compose 2D shapes or 3D shapes.3. Paritition circles and rectangles into two or four equal sshares. Describe the shares using the words halves, half of, fourths and quarters of.

First Grade Geometry

Defining Attributes of Shapes* Number of Sides* Number of Vertices (Corners)* Lengths of Sides* Closed Figure

Non-Defining Attributes of Shapes* Color* Size* Orientation

3D Shapes:* Cubes* Rectangular Prisms* Cicular Cones* Cylinders

Halves* When you split a shape into two equal parts you get two halves.

2D Shapes: * Triangles * Rectangles* Trapezoids* Square* Circles

Fourths/Quarters* A shape that is split into four eqaul parts. Each part is a fourth or a quarter.


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