First Day Mr. Anschutz

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First Day Mr. Anschutz

This class will focus on the development of the United States of America from its ancient civilizations to the late 1800s. We will also discuss current issues facing us as Americans and New Yorkers.Much of our work will be group work and group activities although the vast majority of your grade will come from your own personal effort and achievement. Nevertheless, your ability to cooperate in these groups and to work together is required in this class.GradingTests, projects, homework, classwork, journal entries and other assignments will earn you a certain number of points. Each marking period, grades will be based upon how many points you have earned divided by how many total points you could have earned.HomeworkWhen homework is assigned it is essential that you complete it by the due date. Most of the time the assignments won’t take 10 minutes so please set aside a few minutes to complete the work.


Pre-History to 1880

Early American History

*What is the story of the United States?*WhatmakesAmericans american?

Social Studies - Room 216

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