First Day Jitters

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First Day Jitters

First Day Jitters

First Day Jitters Venn DiagramsOn the first day of school, Mrs. Scanlan’s class read First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg. The story told of a girl who would be starting the year at a new school and reluctantly got out of bed. She was anxious and scared because she did not know anyone. When she arrived at her new school she was introduced to her new class by her principal, “Class, I would like you to meet…your new teacher, Mrs. Sarah Jane Hartwell.” Our class used a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast how the students and I felt on the first day of school.Reading / Language Arts TEKS:3.2 A – Listening / speaking / culture – connect experiences and ideas with those of others through speaking and listening3.9 – Reading / comprehension – the student used a variety of strategies to comprehend selections read aloud and selections read independently3.10 – Reading / literary response – the student responds to various texts3.14 – Writing / purpose – the student writes for a variety of purposes and audiences and in various forms

Story Time

Students will list how they feel on the first day of school

Mrs. Scanlan will list how she is feeling on the first day of school

Students will create a venn diagram using Kidspiration and list feelings of self and Mrs. Scanlan

Students will list feelings they share with Mrs. Scanlan in the middle section of the venn diagram

Students will present their individual venn diagram orally and visually to the class

Students will draw a self portrait to enhance their venn diagram


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