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Fireside Chat

In these speeches FDR is adressing banking issues, reopening banks, reopening bank acounts for people to use. The banks failed because as public confidence in them was going down, the general public started turning deposites into currency or gold, and the banks could not get enough currency to meet the demand. The president has issued a bank holiday, in which all to most the banks in the nation closed. He gradually lifted the ban. A large amount of credit was transported to the banks to meet the needs. Roosevelt states that after the banks are reopened, that people should not withdrawel from their bank accounts because the bank is a secure place to store their money. He states that it is his problem as well as the citizens.


>not to withdrawl from banks>some banks will not be able to reopen withwout reorganization>everybank wont be reopened>there will be no losses that possibly could be avoided and there would have been more and greater losses had we continued

People changed their views on the banks from a negative to a positive way. The speech made people trust the banks, which leaded them to storing their money there. The banks gained enough credit to supply the amount needed. It made people realize that they need to work together to recover from the Great Depression. It also made Roosevelt liked by most of the nation.

Proposed Points of the FFDR

People were comforted by these speeches and they left lasting impressions on Americans for many years to come.

Things worked very well for FDR and the banks eventually got fixed.



Lasting Impressions

Fireside Chats Became VERY Popular


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