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Weather and Climate

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Scientists' experiments will determine whether trees threatened by global warming can be relocated.

Global temperatures are rising due to fires. Wild fires effect large populations centers.

A report announced that roughly 20 to 30 percent of species worldwide could face extinction in the next decades.

Scientists are planting trees in new regoins to see how they react to climate change.

High temperatures only spread the flames faster.Some species many not be able to move quickly enough.

Fires impact nature habitates. Lightning, voclanic activity, or even strong sunlight can start a fire.

Fires could start changing the climate more rapidly.

Huamans impact the environment due to fires effecting animals/air.

Introducing a new species into an envirnment can lead to harmful results.Fires burned acres of forest & threatened homes in many places.

Some forest fires are started by natural causes.Global warming emissions remain in the atmosphere for decades or centuries.

Scientists are planting seedlings outside of their normal growing zone.


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