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SummaryAfter being forced to sell her horse, Peaches, and moving to Boston, Rachel finds herself fighting for the Governor's Girl's life. The firehorse is one of the only survivors of the other horses sent to the fire. The fire chief is ready to put the Governor's Girl out of her misery. Rachel begs the chief to take her home with her, even though her parents don't want her to have a horse because they think it is too unladylike. She takes the horse home and Mr. Stead, the vetrinary helps her take care of the burns and rashes. The fire alarm goes off at the station and the horse hears it and kicks at the walls of the stable. Rachel's dad finds out about the horse and tells her she has to get rid of it. Mr. Stead has a private meeting with him. They come out and Mr. Stead tells her she can keep it. Rachel's dream is to become a veteranary even though it is a men's job. Her dad is against women doing men's jobs so she asks Mr. Stead if he can teach her to become a veteranary. He says that she has to get her dad's permission first. Rachel talks to her mother about it and she writes a letter to a veteranary college. She tells her father and her father says no doughter of his will do a men's job. The college does not accept her because she is a girl. There is a giant fire in the common and Rachel knows she must save the horses in the stables. She gets on the Governor's Girl and ride to the fire. She helps get horses out of range of the fire. She finds Mr. Stead next to a colt with a broken leg. They are going to put it out of it's misery. Mr. Stead asks if Rachel can keep it. She does. The Governor's Girl goes back to the station to work as a firehorse. Rachel tells her father she doesn't need his permission to become a veteranary. (There are some twists to this story but I didn't want to spoil them for you)


Rachel sells her horse and moves to Boston

Rachel gets to keep the colt

There is a huge fire at the common

Rachel gets to keep Governor's Girl


Rachel tells her dad thatshe doesn't need his permission to become a veteranary

Plot Structure

What is a firehorse?a horse specially trained for hauling a fire engine




by Diane Lee Wilson

"They shall go out from one fire and another shall devour them." -Ezekiel 15:7Quoted by Grandmother just before the fire in the common.

What did I think of the book?I strongly recomend this book (for girls more than boys). It was a very good book and taught about the rights of women in history.

Main CharactersRachel, Mr. Stead, Governor's Girl, Mother, Father, Grandmother, James

FactIn the year 1872, women could not vote yet and most colleges would not except them especially for jobs like doctoring. They thought women should cook or sew.

FactThe most popular horse is the American Quarter horse

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