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job describtion:Firefighter help people in need,they dont fight fires,they help people that are in critical condition like doctors and the ylearn how to keep stuff organize because they need to take care of the fire house too.

Firefighters have to work under pressure and usually have to stay over night at the fire house for their job

The hourly pay is between $23,000 to $75,000 a year also a national midian income of $45,000.

You will need your high school diploma,master's degree,doctoral degree,licensed by state.

The college of my choice is Michigan State University,Ohio State University,Central Michigan University

The related career's are a detective,stunt person,construction trades person.

This career interests me because ive been to a fire station because my uncle was the chief of the southfield fire department and I saw all the cool stuff they have and they do alot for people in need and I like to help people in need and I would like to fight fires like a real fireman.


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