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You can remove any element-delete me :-)Mix + images + text + audio + video + graphics

SummaryI like the book. I think it’s a little mysterious and scary. It has great characters. I love scary stories. At a few parts it was funny. At most of parts it was dramatic and scary

Review In “the fire” there is a boarding school run by Mrs. and Mr. Shevvington. They make kids think they are going crazy so the get put in an asylum. In 18 days it will be summer vacation and Cristiana will be safe. If she survives. The Shevvingtons are determined to destroy Christiana with fire.

cristiana's friend val was sent to an aslyum

the fire by caroline b. coonye

cristina has hair that resembles fire. she also loves fire

"if you are next and you know it you must run"

the beach was foggy and always looked like there is a fire in the distance.

" the alone will get me"



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